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Written by Dr. M. Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury   
Thursday, 01 February 1996 00:00
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Behind the Myth of 3 million
Chapter- I: The Making of The Myth
Chapter - II: The Probity of the Myth
Chapter - III: Mujib's Search for Fact
Chapter - IV: The Truth that Mujib Suppressed
Chapter - V: The Recycling of the Myth
Chapter - VI: The Forgotten Humanity
Chapter - VII: The Glimpses of Truth
Chapter - VIII: Behind the Myth
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2.1 An Affront to Common Sense?
It has already been noted that Lt Gen. Aurora has dismissed the very claim of three million killed as 'absolutely impossible'. No firmer rejection of it could have been conceived.

2.2 Fabrication Can’t Stand for Fact
Moreover, the way it had been fabricated by the Purbadesh/Pravda/ENA combined could hardly be said to be worthy of any confidence in terms of reliability and validity. Given the dislocated communication systems and the completely anarchic situation of the time, with the Bangladesh Government still waiting in Calcutta for the Indian permission to return to Dhaka [1], the editor gentleman was apparently in no position to make even a few random estimates with his correspondents outside Dhaka for producing a crude guess-work. This gentleman seemed to have simply taken the mean average of the five hypothetical figures mentioned in a plainly searching mood by his paper's correspondent only twenty four hours before.

2.3 Could the Indian Figure Be Any Better?
Some of the above reasons, for which no confidence could be accorded to the Purbadesh/Pravda/ENA combination's guesswork, apply equally to the figure adopted by the Indian authorities and to which Field Marshall Manekshaw, Lt. Gen. Aurora and Maj.Gen. Palit wanted us to repose our trust. One may ask, if the figure of three million was 'absolutely impossible', could the figure of one million be deemed within the realm of probability?

2.4 From Comparative Perspective
In answering the above we may apply a number of tests. Firstly, a comparison with countries which have all seen 'much bitter and prolonged armed conflict'.

Comparative Casualty Figures

Annual average
12 1,000,000 83,333
7.5 100,000 13,333
Cambodia 23 1,100,000**
Afghanistan 14 2,000,000
Angola 16 300,000 18,750
9 1,000,000 111,111
3 (up to March '94) 142,592 47,531
Sri Lanka 13 50,000 3,846
Bangladesh 0.75


3,000,000 4,000,000

1,000,000 1,333,333

* in year **exclude the citizen who were killed at the hands of the Pol Pot regime.

In Vietnam the US waged a war of attrition of unprecedented scale for 12 years. There was barely any lethal weapon, excepting the atomic bomb, which the mighty Superpower did not use against the North Vietnamese Forces and their South Vietnamese proxies, the Viet Cong guerrillas. Thousands and thousands of tons of bombs were used for carpet bombing insurgent infested villages and valleys. Yet the total Vietnamese casualty figures during the 12 years of contest did not exceed one million or an average yearly toll of little over 83,000.

From 1954 to 1962 the Algerians waged an all-out guerrilla war against French rule provoking serious attacks against them not only from the French Government but also from the Algerian-born Frenchmen. In this seven and a half year long struggle for independence, 100,000 Algerians lost their life at a yearly rate of little over 13,000.

Cambodia has continuously suffered either direct foreign invasion or internal civil war at the behest of foreign powers or both, non-stop for over two decades. The VS alone has dropped 539,129 ton bombs on Cambodia. Yet, over a period of 23 years the Cambodian casualty figure stood at 2,100,000, averaging less than 48,000 a year.

The Afghan Mujahideen confronted Soviet occupation for 14 years. In the plains they fought against the Communist Superpower's tanks and armoured cars and on the hills and valleys they suffered savage aerial bombardment. Their total cost in life was 2,000,000 with an annual average of less than 143,000.

The 16 year long Angolan civil war in which the Government forces aided by the Cuban military personnels fought for the control of the country against the Unita rebels who had the backing of the USA and South Africa. The total loss in Angolan lives was 300,000 with an annual average of less than 19,000.

Between them Iran and Iraq have fought a particularly savage all out frontal war for nine years. In the war both sides even used forbidden chemical weapons and completely destroyed each others towns and cities. Even in that vicious war the average yearly loss of life was about 111,000.

Amidst untold Serb savagery and ethnic cleansing, implicitly facilitated by the Russians and the West European powers, the Muslims of Bosnia have been fighting a grim war to preserve their existence and the integrity of their country. During the first three years up to March 1994 the total casualty figure stood at 142,592 with an annual rate of 47,531.

In Sri Lanka, the Tamil separatists have been fighting a bitter war for the last 13 years. As on January 1996 the total casualty figure of that Indian engineered civil war in Sri Lanka has cost about 50,000 lives at an annual average of 3,846.

Compared to any of the above, as summarized in the preceding Table, either of the casualty figures for Bangladesh, i.e. the Purbadesh/Pravda/ENA three million, and Indian one million, look simply incredible. Lt. Gen. Aurora's description of 'absolutely impossible' could be appropriate not only to the Purbadesh/Pravda/ENA fabricated figure but to his preferred Indian figure as well. Both are inflated out of proportion to suit their much loved propaganda.

2.5 Some Indications of Combatant Casualty:
In this connection one might note that by trawling numerous participant accounts of the Mukti Bahini's 'heroic exploits and sacrifices' that have appeared in print, one would not be able to gather together a grand casualty figure of more than a few thousand. This was not surprising. First, the Mujib Bahini, a major component of the 130,000 or so Mukti Bahini [2}, was specially trained and kept in reserve away from insurgency duty in case the ordinary Mukti Bahini become defiant of India and needed to be brought in line. Secondly, the ordinary Mukti Bahini's primary function was not so much to fight the Pakistan Army but to gather intelligence and to serve as scouts to the Indian Army. Last but not least, much of the publicized encounters between Pakistan Army and the Mukti Bahini were in fact clashes between Pakistan Army and Indian Forces in the guise of Mukti Bahini. As disclosed by Moralji Desai, who later briefly succeeded Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of his country, about 5,000 regular Indian soldiers were killed while fighting in the disguise of Mukti Bahini. [3] This was further confirmed by the Indian Army's later demand for the formal recognition of these fallen soldiers. [4] Apart from the regular Indian Army, members of her Border Security Forces were also known to have fought under the guise of the Mukti Bahini.

2.6 The Extent of Civilian Casualty:
Apparently, the authors of the different casualty figures were aware of the miniscule size of the casualty among the Bangladeshi fighting men, including the Mukti Bahini. Their allegation of indiscriminate killing of civilians was partly intended to cover this up. But how plausible were these claims?

2.7 From Another Comparative Perspective:
To have a measure of their probability, let us compare the two vaunted figures with that of Nazi Germany's. The attempt at the extermination of the Jews during the Second World War, the most extensive and methodical effort of its kind ever, is a legend. It would be recalled that over a six year period the Nazi Germany rounded up the Jews, not only from Germany but also from all other conquered countries of Central and Western Europe, herded them in Concentration Camps and systematically gas them to death on a mass scale. Altogether six million Jews were killed at an annual rate of 1.5 million. As against this, the rate implied in the two vaunted figures for Bangladesh would be as follows:
Purbadeshl/Pravda/ENA - 4 million; and Indian - 1.3 million. Although the last figure is slightly less than that of Nazi Germany's, once the German territorial and population sphere, scale of operation, use of concentration camps and gas chambers were taken into account, the fantastic nature of both the figures for Bangladesh emerge with force.

In order to kill three million the Pakistan Army would have had to kill 11,494 persons a day non-stop from 26 March onwards. If on the other hand, they were to kill one million people, their daily killing would come to 3,831. Seen in another way, for the 60,000 Pakistan Army to kill three million and rape three hundred thousand women, each and everyone of them had to kill 50 persons and rape 5 women. In this context let me quote an apparent believer of the myth of three million:

"Considering that 60,000 armed officers and men had managed this abominable feat in course of few months, it would appear that each individual had on an average, committed about 50 murders, inflicted injuries on about 3 persons, raped about 7 girls/women, burnt numerous houses and looted a sizeable amount of money!" [5]

Plainly, despite his apparent agreement with the myth, the inner incredulity of the author of the above lines could not remain unchecked. His own exclamation mark said it all.

Anyone who has any semblance of rationality would recognise that to produce any of the above killing rates, each and every member of the Pakistan Army would have to be more than a homicidal killing machine. Even the worst serial killers known in human history have not succeeded in killing people at such a high rate! On top of that make them responsible for producing a rape figure of three hundred thousand. One needs to be extra imaginative to even contemplate the scenario. Probably, in spinning the telltale figures the spin doctors' head went spinning! Apparently, in hailing 'the Chief' all 'the Indians' went berserk.

2.8 From Ground Level Perspective:
According to the Government statistics, in 1971 East Pakistan had 69,774,000 people, 12,673,000 family households, 68,385 villages, and 4,472 unions. If either of the above imagined figures were placed alongside the above demographic facts the following ratio of casualty should in reality be found:

Demography and Implied Killing Rate

@3 million
@ 1 million
Per 1000 people
43.154 14.385
Per 100 families 23.675 7.892
Per village
45.03 15.01
Per union
670.84 223.61

Hardly anyone in Bangladesh could relate his or her local knowledge of casualties to any of the above. Although Sheikh Abdul Aziz, the Communication Minister of Bangladesh of the time, had been quoted by the PTI claiming that his own village had suffered a total loss of 107 persons, personal enquiry has shown the utter baselessness of the reported claim. Some of the villagers who have lived through the terrible year of 1971 are still alive, they would freely testify to the make believe nature of the alleged casualty figure.

2.9 Certain Local Testimonies:
Jessore is a boarder district, nearest to Calcutta. The Provisional Government of Bangladesh was presented before the world at Baidayanathtala, a border village of the same district and throughout the civil war the district remained a hotly contested and disruptive area. From a part of Jessore, Maulana Khandkar Abul Khair, a popular religious preacher and published author of several widely circulated books, has said:

"I clearly remember, in our Jessore district there was hardly any village from which 20/25 people did not flee to India. But I shall be able to name numerous villages which did not experience a single killing. For example, my own village and a number of villages around did not encounter a single death." [6]

Jauhuri, a Bangladeshi journalist wrote:

“It is beyond me how three million people could get killed in a guerrilla war of eight months and 21 days. The raping of two hundred thousand women is also beyond my comprehension
I. have spoken to no less than five hundred peoples of different districts and have asked them, 'Has anyone in your family or among your relatives, friends or acquaintance been raped by Pakistani soldiers?' None affirmed, everyone said 'no'. It may be that some of them were ashamed to disclose. Besides, it is not impossible for the Pakistan Army to have a few characterless soldiers. But, how could these produce the figure of two hundred thousand? Moreover' how was this figure arrived at within a week of the liberation of the country? Who did the survey?” [7]

William Drummond of The Guardian was no less emphatic:

“The figure of three million' deaths has been carried uncritically in sections of the world press. My judgement, based on numerous trips around Bangladesh and extensive discussion with many people at the village level as well as in the government, is that the three million deaths is an exaggeration so gross as to be absurd.” [8]

Peter Gill, another western journalist, said:

"Sheikh Mujib's wild figure of three million Bengalis killed during those 10 terrible months is at least 20 times too high, if not 50 or 60." [9]

Reporting from the Noakhali district Abdul Muhaimin, well-known author, Awami League MCA and long time friend of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, had this to say:

"As a Member of the Constituent Assembly I was entrusted with the responsibility of finding out the casualty figure for the whole of Noakhali district. After contacting different Police Stations and Unions the figure I had was less than seven thousand. Even after adding up the number of Razakars killed, the total did not exceed seven and a half thousand. At that time, Bangladesh had 19 districts. All these districts were not equally affected by the war. Noakhali was one among the districts which had seen severe fighting. If the figure obtained from Noakhali was seen as the mean average for the rest of the districts, even then the total killed would not exceed more than one hundred twenty five thousand. [10]

So, we are not alone in casting our doubts! Even Sheikh Mujib and his colleagues were not convinced about the story of three or even one million dead and were eager to know the real facts! Was it then that despite telling us 'children' the 'Ghost Story', as grown-up men they knew all along that the 'Monstrous Ghost' did not exist?

Notes and References
1. Jauhuri, Tirish Lakher Telesmat (The Riddle of Thirty Lakh) Asha Prokashan, 435 Elephant Road, Dhaka - 1217, 1994 : 13.
2. India's Defence Minister, J agjivan Ram was quoted in Jyoti Sen Gupta, History of Freedom Movement in Bangladesh, 1943-1973 : Some Involvement, Naya Prokash, 206 Bidhan Sarani, Calcutta -6,1974,:305.
3. Oriana Fallaci, Interview with Morarji Desai, The New Repub¬lic, Washington, 2 and 9 August, 1975.
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10. Yahya Mirza, Interview with Mr Abdul Muhaimin, The Tarokalok, Dhaka, 1 March, 1990 cf. also cf. Jauhuri, ibid: 48-49.



-29 # 2009-10-13 18:04

Why did this issue come up in the first place after so many years? Pakistanis and their local collaborators are war criminals. Our history is well documented and the facts are established truth. I don’t care what is written. I am sure a sinister circle including the Pakistan army is behind the financing the disinformation cyber-campaign. Indian intelligence agencies should see if ISI agent trying to smear the joint Indo-Bangla war to liberate Bangladesh in 1971.

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+27 # 2013-12-21 22:27
So you still need Indian Intelligence agencies for your survival and justification of existense. Wonder then for what did you want freedom?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Ahmed Farooqi 2017-05-24 15:13
Wonderful reply. They have a habit of believing anything spoken by indian. Please read fact finding book of sharmila gosh
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-21 # 2009-10-16 13:32

Those who have lived through the time or studied the genocide committed by the Pakistan army in Bangladesh are not easily susceptible to forays into genocide denial. It appears that books like this are aimed at those that are not familiar with the genocide. It is vitally important for Bangladeshis to preserve the history of our struggle for independence. To fail to do so would be a dishonor to the memory of those who died and to those survivors who were tormented by the Pakistani army and the Razakars.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+20 # 2013-12-31 22:55
What you said is only fabrication and denial of actual atrocities. Many books have busted the lie (manufactured by India). Beside logic and research, a lot of why we know the killing and rape allegations are fake is because of elders who saw that so-called genocide. You only want to discredit Pakistanis and patriotic United Pakistanis even by making up stories about your moms and sisters. If we really suffered that much, then you wouldn't have to force everyone so much into hating current-Pakistan and our former United Pakistan and force us into loving India.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+8 # 2013-12-31 23:03
If you were not lying, you would not have to try this much to make us hate current Pakistanis and former United Pakistan patriots. Besides logic and research, we know you are lying because we know from older people who saw the so-called genocide in 1971. Stop spreading hatred and stop making up stories about your moms and sisters. Stop repeating stories made by Hindus to make us forget what they did to our Muslim forefathers before our independence from Britain,
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+31 # 2009-12-18 02:17

You guys are so pathetic. You have been bought out by the Indian propaganda that you are unable to see light. Can’t you see how India used you against Pakistan? and now the same thing she is doing to you: disintegration of Bangladesh.
You idiots thought Mujib was your saviour and thought promulgation of Urdu really would marginalize you eventhough during Sirajudaullah’s time official language of Bengal had been Persian and Urdu. Mujib (died a rightful death) deceived your inside out. You guys chose the Kuffars over your Muslim brothers violating the Holy Quranic injunctions against making friends with Kuffars.
You still believe in that myth of Pakistan Army raping Bengali women. Eventhough, there are numerous reports out there now which negates the well established beliefs. The declassified US reports, Indian military officers account, Pakistan military officers account, General Niazi’s memoirs, Sharmila Bose, Hamoodurahman commission report.
I first ask you what is the punishment for a defector/rebel throughout the international community? You will agree that it is pain of death. Mujiburahman started the racial divide by creating the language issue: to make Bengali the national language of Pakistan. Bengali, being only spoken in Bengal, could not have been understood in West Pakistan. Urdu, on the other hand, was understood everywhere. He then created more problems for Pakistan. He was not the one who fought for Pakistan movement. He was an opportunists working for Russia and then India. Mujib and his cohorts should have been hanged to death as soon as the revolt had started.
Pakistan Army was justified in her actions against bengali rebels. Any self-respecting country will do that. So did India too when she murdered all members of Khalistan movement. Unfortunately, Pakistan did not have loyal leaders. Their wrong decisions made everything worse.
Pakistan Military action ONLY begun when Mukti-Bahini hoards started murdering lacs of innocent West Pakistanis (specially Punjabis) and loyal Bengali and Bihari Pakistanis (who you morons hate). These Hoards of India were responsible for the rape.
Pakistan Military officers fought hard. Many foreign correspondents speak well of their bravery. It is the bravery of a Muslim soldier that Indian Military got tough fight. These Pakistani Mard-e-Momin fought so hard that they had almost regained the control of East Pakistan from the dirty hands of Mukt-Bahini. When India saw this, She then started the military action which resulted in the fall of Dhaka.
Then your Traitor Mujib showed his true colors after the formation of Bangladesh with his BAKSAL party. How he became authoritative and usurped democracy is not a secret anymore. He was going to make Bangladesh part of India that he was killed timely by the Pakistani military officers (yes those Bengalis who never gave up allegiance to Pakistan. I stand in honor for them).
And still you called this traitor Baga-bundu?? How stupid can you guys be?
Instead of taking the opportunity to understand the other side of the story (in order that some misunderstandin g can be fought and truth is revealed), you malign them as Pakistani agent.
Why? Why your small mind can not see things beyond the tunnel created for you by RAW? Can’t you guys see that Kuffars will not be happy until they subjugate Muslims? How dare you forget the mistreatment of Bengali Muslims by the Hindu majority before Partition.
For Allah(swt) sake, don’t regurgitate what Indians want you to regurgitate. Take a step back, think outside of the box and see things from Pakistani perspective. If you were in the same shoes, you will do the same. Don’t forget the recent mutiny. just think of how you wanted to protect Bangladesh integrity when recent mutiny happened, similarly Pakistan was doing the same. Listen to what these experts are saying. Don’t put blindfolds on your eyes. There is evidences everywhere. Secrets have been declassified. Eye witness accounts are available. It is time to do a serious reprisal of our faults, shortcomings and vow not to repeat it again.
Do the following ASAP:1) Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULpCroezFrY 2) Read “RAW in Bangladesh by ZainulAbedin (an ex-Mukti Bahini member) on 1971 war. 3) Read Blood and tears by a Pakistani writer about 1971 war. 4) Check the website of Federation of American Scientist on 1971 war 5) Read “East Pakistan Tragedy” by L.F. Rushbrook Williams.

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+8 # 2010-05-24 12:11

Asher, I have read all your comments and I will stand right next to you.

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-16 # 2009-12-22 12:52

65 million of the 75 million Bengalis in Bangladesh 1971 were Muslims. These Muslims were figthing kuffars like you, the NaPaki Army and the Jamati-e-Munafiqeens. These spawns of Iblis were stopped by the inheritors of the sword of Hazrat Shah Jalal, RA. But not liquidated with the hope that these being will see the Deen of Allah, and take up the siratul mustaquim. Alas, Iblis continues to keep them on the path of jahaliya, they continue to surface their faces into the path of the muslims, faces lacking the Noor of Allah. Their return is not disheartening, for we realise that even the Khatam-un-Nabi Mohammad s.a.w faced such kuffars, so for us to face you is nothing, it continues to give us the opportunity to fight in the way of Allah and slay and be slayed. May Allah grant you hidayat before the sword of Hazrat Shah Jalal befalls you.

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+13 # 2010-01-06 21:57

Don’t forget you are a Muslim FIRST. Your allegiance is to ALLAH (swt) not to any “Shah Jalal”. I haven’t even heard of his name.
It is NOT smart to REGURGITATE what you have been fed. As a nation you haven’t gained ANYTHING. You are still IMPOVERISHED and still face flood every years. You aren’t able to do ZILCH about it but you had the audacity to blame West Pakistan for your ills.
Now where is all the revenue that you claim you used to have? Now you got 100% of all of your revenues but you still are pathetically poor. You are worse than Pakistan. I see a lot of Bangladeshis working in Pakistan. You guys have so much poverty that you take lower wages in UAE and other foreign countries. Where is all the prosperity that Mujib promised you?
Think about it. Ponder over these facts. You played yourself into the hands of enemies of Islam. “They” used you as a pawn against their imperialistic objective. They not only took revenge of Islamic rule (Indira Gandhi’s said that) but also disintegrated an otherwise strong nation. You still have the same problems as you had before 1971. They only thing you have is just Bangla-language.
Go ahead eat, sleep, drink, and wear your Bangla language or better yet, sing “Vand-e-Mataram”. Your culture and language is sooo Hinduish. At least, Punjabis, Pathans, Sindhis, Baluchis switched to Arabic Script. While you guys stand proud of your Sanskirit origin knowing full well how Hindu Bengalis persecuted Muslims Bengalis before partition.
May Allah(swt) open your eyes and you stop seeing life through your Bengali-nationalistic glasses.
I STAND in HONOR for those Pakistanis who laid their lives to protect the honor and integration of Pakistan. I stand in honor to those Pakistanis who rejected Bangladeshi nationality. These LOVERS of Pakistan chose destitution over surrender.
I cry for them and pray to Allah(swt) to give them a place in Pakistan. These are our sons and daughters who Pakistan need to own. Unfortunately, the seed of racism that you bengalis have sown in Pakistan is soooo deep rooted in Pakistan, that no one is allowing these Biharis to return because they fear that it will increase the population of Muhajirs.
You guys are partially responsible for their plight on two counts: First sowing the seed of provincialism and Second, disintegrating Pakistan. Hasbunallaho Wa Naimalwakeel

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+19 # 2010-01-06 21:18

To all those worshippers of Bengali Idol,
You should analyze things impartially from the bottom of your heart. In Pakistan, many have done the retrospection and many believe that Bengalis were wronged. To this day, we have blamed Pakistan Army UNTIL some brave men and women came out with the other side of the picture. Agartalah Conspiracy had exposed the designs of Mujib and India. He was arrested (just like any sovereign nation would arrest the defectors) and should have been IMMEDIATELY hanged but unfortunately, our STUPID politicians didn’t realize India’s game and this Traitor was released who did the very thing which he was arrested for. That he announced the formation of Bangladesh while still in Pakistan and as a Pakistani Citizen. I call it the BLATANT FORM of defection.
It is simply logical how can the KUFFARS be your friend. KUFFARS can be friends of each other and not to any Muslim. The benefits that they have given you superficially is just a joke. In return of that, they have taken your freedom.
Knowing very well when and why RAW was formed, knowing that they hired Moosad’s assistance to disintegrate Pakistan and knowing the DECLASSIFIED information, I REJECT the myth of Pakistan Army’s rape. I am 100% convinced it is based on propaganda, misinterpretati on of events, lying and DECEPTION of RAW and “Mir Jaafars” of Pakistan. (I also include West Pakistani corrupt politicians and feudal hoards along with Bengali REBELS).
Throughout the Pakistan Movement, Congress and Fanatic Hindus incessantly worked on either stopping Pakistan movement or disintegrating Pakistan right after her inception. Historical records are available that depict the struggle between Pro and Anti Pakistan groups. India supported Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (a Pathan congress member), GM Syed (A Sindhi Congress member), Mujiburahman (May Allah(swt) award him STRICTEST punishment in his grave), Unionist Party members, some Renegade Baluchi leaders etc. RAW continued to support them. They were successful to an extent. We lost Kashmir, Junagarh, Hyderabad, Assam etc. We lost Khan Liaqat Ali Khan. After that Punjabi fuedal lords (who were loyal to British, Hindus etc) took over and then they fucked every thing up. They made wrong decisions and neglected many Pakistanis. No proper system was established. There was poverty everywhere. BUT that is NO excuse of disintegrating Pakistan. We should have, as a Nation, stood up against all the oppression and mismanagement. Why we didn’t rise as a PAKISTNI NATION? Why did we choose Bengali Nationalism over Muslim Unity? I wished this hadn’t happened. It all started with the language issue when Jinnah made Urdu the national language of Pakistan. How DARE you traitors reject that? You guys are the FIRST one to sow the seed of racism/provincialism in Pakistan. After that we got divided into Punjabis,Sindhi s, Pathans and then Mohajirs. I am EXTREMELY angry while I am writing this.
Now you tell me all those Bengali-loving Bengalis, why you don’t make any language issue when you immigrate to foreign lands. There is NO movement in UK or USA against ENGLISH. There you accept English as an offical language and are satisfied with Bengali being a secondary langauge.
Allah’s (swt) WOE to ALL those who subscribed to this Idols and prefer the friendship of Kuffars over Muslims. You will gain nothing but “Zillat” (as it known in Urdu)

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+7 # 2010-01-06 21:38

I wish you had realized this that we, together as a nation, could have conquered the Muslim belt of India between West and East Pakistan and up to Assam. We would have then become one big contiguous nation. We could have gotten WHOLE of Bengal.
It is still NOT too late. We can still join again but, maybe, as a confederation, union or mutually-cooperative block (like European union).
But first, we need to uncover all the facts hidden under years of deception. Please, Please and Please don’t hate those who subscribe to a different view than yours. Listen to what they have to say. Think about it and have the guts to admit the faults. How sure are you that it wasn’t Indian Army who committed the rape. Don’t forget why military had to be called. DON’T FORGET THIS IMPORTANT EVENT. If you think about it deeply many myths will be nullified. It was Mukti Bahini Hoards that started GENOCIDE of non-bengalis. They killed many, many, many INNOCENT Pakistanis which included (Punjabis, Pakistan-loving Bengalis, Biharis and other nationalities). These murderers were RUTHLESS. How can you say that THEY DIDN’T RAPE anyone? Those accounts have been CONVENIENTLY, either deleted or IGNORED. The number of killing was huge. I don’t know how much. When these traitors went overboard THEN Pak Army was called. They did what they SHOULD have done. KILL ALL THOSE BASTARD murderers who were responsible for all the FITNAH which resulted in so many innocent deaths.
I want you people to think logically. Keep all these facts in mind before you malign Pakistan or her Army. You can not get away with your crimes. If you are so vocal about Pak Army’s alleged persecution, then why CONVENIENTLY ignore the Mukti-Bahini persecution. They killed a huge number. I pray to Allah(swt) to let Muslims see thier enemies and be united under Islam.

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-10 # 2010-05-07 02:44

Good to know. Now that you deny the number 3 million, would you please be kind and articulate enough to let the world know, exactly how many of our people and women the Napak army killed and raped?

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+12 # 2010-05-07 18:34

You didn't read this book. Did you? Why don't you refute the writers argument if you feel so confident about yours? Can you please let us know why you people treat the 3 million figure as if thats a kind of divine entity. Where in fact it has no base at all. This shows the kind of hero worshipping you guys are engaged in. Just cause a despot like Mujib said so, you have to repeat it blindly. Don't you think the burden of proof lies on you guys as this imaginery figure was first purported by your master. So why ask others to prove it? Don't you think this kind of blatant lies and exaggeration severely affect you guy's credibility? Besides, the secessionist are solely responsible for all those people killed during 71. They have commited treachery in 71 and I'm sure they'll do it again. Bangladesh is still in severe denger by such collaborators of India.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+10 # 2010-05-07 21:04

Reading Mr Fatemolla's comment reminded me of that famous quote, "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."- Adolf Hitler
The efforts to establish the imaginary 3 million figure as fact is a perfect example of such quotation in action. My question to Fatemolla is why not you show your arguments? The writer has already written a well argued book but still you are asking for more! What a joke! The onus is on you. Don't pass the bucket. You should be grateful that Dr Mumin has even bothered to spend time on such a ridiculous myth.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+8 # 2010-08-12 18:50

You tell me Fatemolla how many died? Just because you are a Baksalite you have to support any numbers. If that idiot Mujib came up with 6 million you morons would have beleived that! Logics, Data does not work there...because you guys are Nastik and serving Raw's agenda.

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+3 # 2013-12-17 19:38
Please read a book by SHARMILA BOSE, an Indian Bengali researcher and professor, who wrote a book about this myth. Keep in mind she is INDIAN, so that you may have trust on the book. Because you don't trust YOUR half but you trust who SPLIT YOU into half. I wish you know the meaning of Ummah.
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+1 # 2013-12-30 01:33
For your question of how many killed, the # of people died during the operation were given by then Govt. of East Pakistan.
Now the figures might be objectionable and debate can be generated. But the figure of "3 millions died" is questionable too. Since claim of 3M was made by Sheikh Mujib, the evidence should come from your side too.
Enough have been talked about it and time has come that both countries should move forward after settling such issues. Let's be practical and realistic.
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0 # 2014-11-06 15:12
BTW your forefathers had a due share in the creation of this Na-Pak Army. Blame them too. 1 killed or 3M killed have the same meanings. Using a baseless logic for all those innocents killed in the process, you are doing no service to them except adding more insult to their souls.
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+1 # 2010-10-19 03:24
সরকার কি পারে না এর একটা শুমারী করতে? তাতে তো প্রকৃত সংখ্যার কাছাকাছি একটা সংখ্যা পাওয়া যাবে!
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+7 # 2010-12-25 23:26

Hey All! It seems you guys are fighting which is no service to the greatest causes of your nations. There should be a criticism but it should be constructive not the destructive one. History itself is a big surgeon, when it will do the surgery, it will bring all the truths out. Who is guilty and who is not. Bengali Muslim or Pakistani Muslim. I would only say that both the nations should concentrate over the integrity and well-being of their countrymen. Calling "Kafirs" to one another is not a healthy practice. Does ISLAM teaches you that being Muslims? To those Pakistanis commenting here; don't you see it at least blessing in disguise that Bangladesh is a Free Muslim State which didn't became part of India. Claiming brotherhood is easy than proving it. Pakistan should strengthen the hands of Bangladesh, how bitter our past is, even then we are Muslims. Leave the rest with the history to do surgery of this myth and if you don't believe in that then leave it to Allah (SWT) - Who is the best of the best Judge. He will not spare any Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Indian - responsible for those involved in the crime of killing of innocent people on both sides. May Allah Bless you all.

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+6 # 2011-01-03 02:10

Debunking the Myth: I believe there is still time to do a genuine survey on how many people died. But the problem is the AL hero-worshipers and the AL fascists will not allow it because it will kill the myth made by Mujib.
Let's say, even if the AL does the survey, with the accused murder suspect or the vandal judge as the chief, or any other fake AL judges people shouldn't trust the survey.

I know in our village only one person died on March 3. I was about to be killed by razakars but their aim was not sharp enough.

Like everything else polarized, I think the BNP is going claim the figure as 1 million including the Biharis, the AL will claim 3 million excluding the Biharis. But with a neutral survey we are going to claim something that is close to the real figure.

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-2 # 2011-01-04 18:18

Some commentators are missing the issue here.
For those who support 3 million is not doing any favor to the victims of Pak Army genocide in 1971,one pays respect to those victim only and only by bringing about the accurate nos or the truth or near truth.
It is true some pro BAL elements are promoting the lie of nos of casualty just because thier demigod leader Mujib mentioned it once and insisted on the numbers. It is really stupidity of highest order to blindly believe a fake number.It is of no importance now after 40 yrs but clearly the figure has to be non controvercial. Even if it was 100 casualty it would still be abhored and I will seek for trail of the Pak Army officers involved and War criminals during the event victim being either the Bangladeshi muslims Hindu or the biharis.
For some people whose comment supports the Pakistan Army action are also filled with all wrong information and analysis, another extreme of misguided veiw about the 1971 event.
Mujib never wanted separation of state he clearly wanted to be PM of Pakistan which he rightfully deserved after getting the majority in the 1970 election. Mujib would have fled to India instead of waiting to be arrested by notorious Yahya Khan's Govt.
So spent your time in reading history not just from heresay and make intilligent comment.

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+2 # 2013-12-17 19:30
Also mention those west Pakistani soldiers fighting against India at east Pakistan boarder, miles miles away from their home just to defend and save country from Indians. If u were one of them who would you shoot 1st? Indian offender at the boarder or khaarji mukti inside the boarder? I know people who chose to shoot Indian and got shot by muktis. I have met friends of those people. That's heartbreaking, you can't even imagine. I wish you people at least realize now you have been used. Allah bless you.
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+7 # 2011-02-08 10:35

No question, Pak army savagely killed people in Bangladesh. Yahya Khan used religion as a tool of oppression. Injustice can never be sustained. And that gave rise to new Bangladesh.
What we need to carefully examine, what is the realistic number? How can Sheikh Mujib claim 3 million death?
Pak Army were stationed in East Pakistan: 35,000 soldiers. They were here for 260 days (9 months) only. For an army of 35,000 to kill 3,000,000 people in 260 days, that's almost impossible. The sensible statistics does not add up. Sheikh Mujib always flab about his achievements, he had a tenacity to exaggerate, in short lie. Mujib lied, and no one questioned him ever?

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+2 # 2014-01-04 06:06
"Pak army savagely killed people in Bangladesh. Yahya Khan used religion as a tool of oppression. Injustice can never be sustained. And that gave rise to new Bangladesh." --- Yes this is what the Indians teach us but it's wrong. If there was no India there would be no change of East Pakistan. Pak army tried to eliminate agents working for India and this is the undeniable truth. Some East Pakistanis (and even W.Pakistanis) supported administrative separation of the two Pakistani wings, but that doesn't mean they supported intervention and invasion by India.
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+11 # 2012-04-05 18:43

Please don't forget the savage killings of non-Bengalis by mukti bahini.

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+3 # 2014-11-09 06:07
It's a shame to think that Bangladesh is standing on a big lie.
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